03 January 2010

We had a pretty good 2009. We're happy, mostly healthy, love each other as much as ever, and have the gospel, but I think we're just fine saying goodbye to 2009. Here are some of our highlights and happenings of the year:
  • Red Rock Relay – 173 mile run with a team of twelve! The hardest thing we have physically ever done, and we are so proud of the accomplishment! Our knees are still recovering…
  • Minneapolis Trip - the National American Planning Association Conference. Steve went to a Minnesota Twins game, the Mall of America (which has an indoor amusement park with roller coasters and all), and touched the Mississippi River.
  • 1st Mumford Family Reunion – Sun Valley Idaho (Bike Ride through Sun Valley all together taking turns on the Tandem and pulling the kids in a bike trailer, Countless board and card games, A trip to Red Fish Lake, Craters of the Moon, and Everyone getting violently ill.

Josie’s Gymnastics classes

    Josie in Preschool – she can’t stop doing her homework, she loves it!

  • Car wrecked – bought a new used second car. We now own two Nissan Altimas

  • Thanksgiving with almost all of the Krohns

  • Living Planet Aquarium, Toadally Frogs Exhibit, Museum of Ancient Life (the Dinosaur Museum), The Bean Museum
  • Housing Candi’s sister for several months and then a soon-to-be sister-in-law for another couple.
  • Second ever camping trip with the kids. They were too excited to sleep
  • Two 5K races – One we ran together

  • Candi’s first ever Triathlon in Pleasant Grove!
  • Halloween – Steve & Jackson were Pirates, Candi & Josie were Rainbow Princess Fairies / Guitar Hero Rocker Fairy (Candi).

Thanksgiving Point, Hee Haw's, and other Fall fun.

  • First ride on FrontRunner & more trips on Trax
  • Steve swallowed a camera…literally
  • Grandma took the kids on the Polar Express
  • Lights at Temple Square
  • Moving Candi’s parents from Seattle to Provo. Now our kids have all their grandparents within about 35 miles
  • Got a kitten – Swiper the Fox

  • Candi wrote a song for her brother Nik to sing at his wedding. It was performed wonderfully by her and her brother sang awesome! Definitely a highlight.
  • Remodeling the house – we added beadboard (the individual boards), chair rail, baseboards, painted, etc.
  • Candi won a Biggest Loser competition put on by her friends
  • Jackson insists that getting his first ever train set was the best thing that happened to him this year.
  • Our kids are growing up and are just as cute and wonderful as ever!



Kristin and Joe said...

Fun to read the highlights of your year! Cute pictures you posted too! We should get together soon.

Janelle said...

Wow an awesome year. I love your short hair. How was the triathlon? I think I might want to try an easy one. We need to get together some time.

Aldred Family said...

Cute post! Fun to see what you guys have been up to! Here's to 2010!!